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Title: After the Fire


If this is a man, Miles’s story speaks for many…

Flying Elephant Films, UK, in co-production with El Desto Pictures, Spain, presents After the Fire, a socio-political drama set in the London suburbs. Miles Campbell is a man who, like many others, has lost everything in the fire, including his beloved daughter, whose memory continues to haunt him. The trauma is far from over though, and Miles’ story is the story of a whole community struggling to survive the aftermath of a tragedy. Meanwhile he and they are being assailed on all sides by further griefs and indignities, inflicted by a system which has already failed them.


Status: In post production


Duration: 82 minutes




Story: Murali Nair

Writer: Jan Webley

Production Coordinator: Aditya Odedra

Executive Producers: Parvinder Nandhra, Isabelle Collins

Director of Photography: Carlos Essman

Produced and directed: Murali Nair




Ray McFarlane, Amey St Cyr, Shanika Ocean, Jodyanne Richardson, Pauline Wills, Alejandra Bacelar Pereira, Aditya Odedra, Amber de Hanika, Jan Webley

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