Art for Change Trust

Project Evaluation


Through our project evaluation scheme we aim to give underprivileged communities in India a voice. We provide a platform for individuals and communities to engage in the decision making process that will ultimately shape their lives. We firmly believe that opening the channels of communication between development organisations and their beneficiaries will help to target projects in a more effective and sustainable manner. In order to bridge this communication gap, in a mutually beneficial way, we offer an independent and transparent project evaluation service providing a framework through which the beneficiaries will be able to express their views.

Participatory Evaluation Through Film


Art for Change seeks to incorporate the knowledge and opinions of local people in the planning and management of development projects and programs. To ensure that these communities are not excluded from participation we adopt the media of film as a universally accessible, unconstrained, and autonomous mode of communication.


Technological advancements in the film industry are rapidly making it a readily accessible medium for effective communication. As part of our project evaluation program we will conduct a workshop aimed at training individuals from the community to use video as an effective monitoring tool.


Observational Evaluation Through Film


In partnership with development organisations and with respect to its requirement we personally document the ongoing projects. This can take the form of an evaluation documentary, monitoring, or promotional video.


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