After the award winning production of Erkki Dokki, Flying Elephant Films is currently developing their next animation series, called ‘Ant and the Elephant’


It is a very exciting day in the Elephant clearing. Today is the day of the great trumpeting contest. Three elephant herds from the area come together to see their little ones perform in the ‘call of the wild’ – a trumpeting contest. The baby elephant with the best trumpet wins a special prize.


Shambu the smallest elephant in the herd desperately wants to join in the competition like his older brothers Bunty and Bobby. However there is a problem – Shambu’s the youngest elephant and he hasn’t learnt how to trumpet yet! Bunty and Bobby tease him about this and show off their newly acquired trumpeting skills. Rani tells the brothers that they should save their trumpets until the contest. Bobby and Bunty continue when Rani walks away. Shambu tries to trumpet but he still can’t!


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